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Conveying technology for pallets

Delivery period: January 2012

Conveying technology for pallets > 1.000 kg
In addition to precisely designed conveyor systems, we offer integrated control systems, on-site installation, protective enclosures and much more.

conveyor system for pallets
conveyor technology for pallets


conveyor system with acceptance point and ram

Feeding stations with rams protect the conveyor from the approaching forklift truck and help to place the pallet straight for further transport. Centering devices can also be executed on both sides and automatically.

roller conveyor with pallet

Chain diverters lift the pallet and convey it to a line branching off at right angles. To lift the integrated chain conveyor, an eccentric lifter, lifting beam or lifting cylinder is used, depending on the requirements of lifting cycles and load capacity.

Conveyor system with electro-hydraulic scissor lifts

For easy loading and unloading, the pallet is brought to an ergonomic height. For this purpose, electro-hydraulic scissor lifts can be integrated into the conveyor line. For a safe transfer from the ejector to the lifting table, the chain drives are hinged.

chain ejector pallet

After loading or unloading on the lifting table, the pallet returns to the discharge area. As soon as the pallet is back above the roller conveyor, the chain ejector lowers and places the pallet on the roller conveyor.

roller conveyor with pallet

Afterwards, a buffer space enables the intermediate storage of a pallet. In this way, removal by forklift trucks and subsequent processes can be made more efficient. As each conveyor element has its own motor, they can be controlled separately.

Feeding stations with pile driver

The separate collection point is also equipped with a pile driver. Here, a horizontal cross strut prevents the forklift truck from damaging the support rollers of the roller conveyor by forks that are driven in too low.

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