förderanlage lagertechnik
förderer lagertechnik
förderanlage lagertechnik
förderanlage lagertechnik
förderanlage lagertechnik
förderanlage lagertechnik
förderanlage lagertechnik

Storage techniques

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Storage techniques

For the formation and further processing of palletised load units

With the layer palletizer and the protal system, we offer you a comprehensive range of services for the most varied tasks for the formation and further processing of palletized load units. For particularly heavy demands on a buffer store in “LiFo” or “FiFo” principle, we offer a flexible and robust pallet shuttle.

Our FlexShuttle is also suitable for particularly high loads. The pallet magazine enables the stacking and unstacking of pallets onto a roller conveyor, belt conveyor or string conveyor and rounds off our range of services in the field of palletizing systems.

Storage techniques

  • Portal system

    • Flexible modular system with individual gripper
    • Palletizes up to 5 package layers per minute
  • FlexShuttle

    • One drive motor for several buffer locations
    • Up and down per "LiFo" or "FiFo" principle
  • Palletizer

    • Palletizer for difficult to handle bagged goods
    • Multifunctional and space-saving design
  • Pallet magazine

    • Suitable for Euro, industrial and other pallets
    • Provides up to 20 pallets on conveyors

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